Tuesday, April 10

A word on pregnancy and life

This last Saturday I reached week 20! I can't believe we are already halfway there to this sweet baby girl. She is already spoiled... 12 burp rags my mom and I made together, a brand new darling quilt pieced by my mom, lots of outfits, bows, carseat cover, etc. I'm so excited to just hold her in my arms and sing lullabies to her.

I realize there are so many women who have a hard time bringing babies into this world. I have had 5 very close friends who have experienced infertility issues in one way or another. Sometimes I feel guilty that Lance and I have been able to conceive so quickly. I also have come to realize that we each face our own challenges when it comes to creating our families. I'm not trying to say that my pregnancy sickness is as hard as infertility. It has been the most challenging, discouraging and darkest time I have been through in my life and it's hard to imagine anything more difficult, but that is probably how all of our trials feel to each of us. Lance and I want a large family, but are not sure if we will get there because of my pregnancies... just like some of you may want a large family but may not get there because of infertility, or whatever you might be facing. More than anything, I have gained a sure knowledge of my Savior's love and I know that our trials are catered to each of us and are necessary to help us become the people we need to become! What a blessing that knowledge has been to me and I am so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who opened my eyes at a time when I couldn't see past the pain and discouragement I was feeling.

If you know anything while reading this blog, please know that for every happy, smiling picture there is also a frustration or a disagreement or sadness. We are able to enjoy the highs because of the lows. And believe me, we have plenty of both! Our marriage is not perfect, our Crew guy is not perfect (I know, hard to believe!), and our lives are not perfect. But during this Easter season, I am incredibly grateful for my Savior who is perfect and who we strive to be more like every day.

Thanks for sharing in our lives!


Lindsey & Tony said...

Chrissy so I had some time a couple nights ago and I started from the very beginning of your blog. It was so fun to hear about how Lance proposed, sad to hear about your sweet mother, and exciting to see events I was at too. Thanks for sharing!

The Norton Family said...

well said my friend. love ya!

EmyLee McIntyre said...

I love this i am so greatful for a friend who shares her love of the gospel like this. I love youand i am here for you any time