Tuesday, April 10

Newport Beach

We just back from a week long vacation in Newport Beach with all of Lance's family. We had a blast staying just off the beach at a very nice Marriott Resort. Our week's activities included a trip to Balboa island (6.75 million for a 2500 square foot house, anyone?), going to the beach almost every day, multiple dolphin sightings and lots of fun time spent with family!

We celebrated both Savannah and Liz's birthdays with a big Cafe Rio dinner and lemon cake.

 We of course spent plenty of time at the beach! Crew was in love with the sand and played in it for hours.
 Madsen came with his girlfriend, Emily.
 Four generations!

 We had a little easter egg hunt for the grandkids and Crew absolutely loved it!
 I love these kids!
 My cute little Crew guy.

 We flew a kite on the beach and played lots and lots of smashball.

 On our last day at the beach, Lance and Keaton were out boogie boarding when we spotted a pod
of dolphins clear down shore, but in very close. So we motioned to them to start swimming that way.
The dolphins were heading toward the guys, and before we knew it they were right on each other!
Lance was close enough to reach out and touch one, but heard they can be quite aggressive in the wild
so he didn't. Then, it swam right under him. It was so neat! A couple on the beach said they had 
lived there 25 years and never seen the dolphins in so close to shore. 

 Lance freezing after swimming with the dolphins and my pregnant self!

Crew was hilarious this trip. One of the mornings he walked in from outside with nothing but his diaper
 on and said to me, "Clothes on please. It's cold out there!" He has turned into such a little boy and he
keeps us laughing constantly with the things he says. He also asks to use the toilet pretty frequently and
 I am going to start potty training this week. It would be nice to have a few months off of diapers before
 this next little one arrives! 

Well, we had an absolute blast in Newport. We feel so blessed to have incredible families that we love
and get to spend so much time with. We will be hitting up Arches with my family next weekend. Can't wait!

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