Monday, May 7

Big boy bed

About a week ago Crew decided he was finished with his crib. I didn't expect this so soon, as he's only 22 months, but he became an absolute expert at getting out and opening the door. We figured if we were going to fight to keep him in his room, we might as well get a bed while we were at it! So the next day we headed to Down East Home and found this darling Pottery Barn bed on clearance.

That same day my mom and I bought fabric and chose a pattern and I'm so excited to have his new quilt almost finished! Lance and I were expecting a battle that first night, and even the first week but much to our surprise he took right to it and, besides a couple days of being sick, he has done incredibly well staying in his bed for nighttime and for naps! When you ask him how he slept each morning, he'll almost gleefully reply, "Sleep in big boy bed!" I'm just happy we'll have a sweet little baby girl to sleep in the crib in another 3 months.

I'll post pictures of his new quilt, and the big boy himself in the next week or so.

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