Thursday, November 4

{4 months}

 This adorable little boy is 4 months old! (plus a couple of weeks)
He is an absolute joy to have in our home. I simply can't remember life without him.

He is 75th percentile in height and 60th percentile in weight.
A big boy! Which is funny considering he was a little baby.
It's crazy to think he has gotten everything he needed to get that big from me :)

As you can see, he is such a happy little one. He will smile at just 
about anyone that will pay attention to him. He is also extremely active! 
It's gotten quite hard for me to keep him entertained during the day because
he is so curious and it just kills him to not be able to get around on his own.

Most mothers say I should enjoy this time that he can't get into anything but I am very much 
looking forward to him crawling and exploring his world. 

Look at those big feet!

We just adore our sweet little Crew. 
Lance has already got such a soft spot for him and Crew loves his daddy.

We just feel so lucky he's ours. :)


Melissa said...

He is super cute Chrissy!

Courtney said...

When do I get to watch this little bundle of joy again??? He is getting so big!

Josh 'n Jenn said...

You guys look great! Who took your pictures?