Wednesday, September 1

{one more}

Just a couple of things about this sweet baby of ours
  • He is a complete cuddle bug. Favorite cuddle position? Forehead to forehead 
  • He always curls his toes when he is eating. Hehe. This is my favorite. 
  • He is such a good baby. We feel pretty spoiled with his cheerful disposition and constant smiles.  
  • He will go to sleep every night with almost no fuss.
  • He hates getting dressed, its his least favorite part of the day.
  • He is so fascinated with my camera that every time it comes out his smiles disappear. (Dang it!)
I love seeing him grow and reach new milestones! His cute little personality gets more apparent every day.

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Josh 'n Jenn said...

AWW... So cute! I had such a good time hanging out with you guys and josh did too. on our way out he mentioned how bummed he is that we can't hang out all the time. The blessing gathering looked great, fun pictures! I'm glad you had a lot of support. I'll be honest, I really wish we would've just headed home from Salt Lake to be there. Sorry, it's hard to know what to do when you have to choose where to be... Love you guys.