Wednesday, September 1

{head shaving party}

Mom's hair started falling out in handfulls. And instead of letting it fall out all on it's own, she insisted on having a head shaving party. YUP. You read it right. A party... and a party it was!

Dad made a mountain of crepes with berries and powdered sugar...

And Kayshia Dawn made mom's favorite cake, german chocolate.

Everyone gathered in mom and dad's kitchen for dinner much like we do for birthdays.

And then the cutting began...

There were a few tears. But mostly just laughter and giggling.
We left the mullet and bangs for last on purpose. It's a good look for her.

Have you ever seen a woman quite so happy about shaving her head? 

We love you so so much mom. Thank you for your sense of humor, for your laughter and endless love. For your ability to focus on everyone else when you are the one going through surgery, chemotherapy, and sickness. Thank you for your love and support, your eternal optimism, and for your ability to make everyone feel just about as loved as one can feel.

You are my hero.

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Mom, Mommy, Ma Ma Jo, Grandma, Grandma Jo said...

What a cute post and a great family!
Hang in there Mary! We love you and are thinking of you!