Wednesday, September 1

{cabin trip}

Remember the post about snowshoeing when I was 7 months pregnant? Well that fun cabin is where we spent the night last weekend. Joe and Camille were celebrating their recent graduation from BYU and...
their new little one who is on the way!! We couldn't be happier for them.

Camille's cute little sisters and her dad who couldn't get enough of Crew. Look how cute his outfit is!

The whole gang. We stayed up really late laughing our heads off and playing games... of course.

I couldn't resist a picture! Look at that cute cuddly baby. 

I was a little paranoid about the spiders getting Crew in the middle of the night. It didn't help that I found a HUGE one in this room just before we put him down. I heard him fussing in the middle of the night and thought, "Oh no! There's a huge spider on his face!" Then I calmed myself down and told myself I was being ridiculous. But he kept fussing so I flipped on the light only to find...
a cricket crawling on him!! I about peed my pants.

Blue Steel

Big yawns!

This pictures cracks me up! Yes, I know we look lovely. But we took the picture and didn't realize till after that Crew was cheesing it for the camera. He is already quite the performer!

We love camping!

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