Wednesday, January 20


I haven't been particularly great at taking pictures lately but I was able
to get a few shots of our fun sleepover the other night.

Kenna has been talking about sleeping over for some time and was just
thrilled to stay the night finally! She and Aunt Kinley had so much fun
watching movies, eating food, and playing the Wii.

Kenna absolutely loves her uncle Lance!

We were all eating dinner and looked over to find Kenna doing this.
After asking her what she was doing, she responded, "I'm Ariel".
You'll never guess what movie we were watching :)

I have been taking 3 or more baths a day since I've become pregnant.
Kenna thought she was on cloud nine after I suggested we get in
bathing suits and get in the tub! She especially loved the bubbles and
kept steeling them from Kinley and I.

After our bath, I came out to find Kinley and Kenna cuddled up together
on the love seat, sound asleep. What a fun night! I love my girls!

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