Sunday, January 24

{Mean Prank}

I did something rather mean today. I didn't intend to, it just kind of happened. After Sunday school, the rest of the class had shuffled out and Lance and I were the only ones left in the room along with the teachers. They are some of the nicest people I know, especially the wife. She is soft-spoken, kind hearted, and so sweet. She caught my eye as I was standing up, put her hand to her belly and her face asked, "how far along are you?" or "how is your pregnancy going?". Do not ask me where this came from, but in the split second that followed, I decided it would be really funny to do the following: I looked at her with sort of a blank expression, shifted my eyes, and said, "I'm... not pregnant." I was wearing a rather baggy dress and I'm still small enough that it would leave room for question. She, of course, got a panicked look on her face and looked like she was going to cry! I immediately regretted pulling such a mean prank on such a nice woman and in turn, embarrassed I had done such a thing, went completely bright red and stayed that way for some time! I assured her that I WAS pregnant and that things were going great. And just kept telling her how sorry I was for doing that to her. Afterward, Lance made the comment, "Chrissy! Of all people to do that to! She is the very last!" But we did have a pretty good laugh about it. :)

Note to self: if you want to play funny jokes on people you know, don't tell them you're not pregnant when you are. That's just plain mean.


Lindsay said...

Chrissy you are so funny! That's like everyone's worst fear is calling someone pregnant when they're not--I bet she was mortified! haha. I love looking at all your pictures! What a fun trip to Cancun. You guys are so cute.

Josh 'n Jenn said...

So funny. The day after you told us you were pregnant I was helping a friend in our ward move and she was acting just like you were... I couldn't put my finger on what the similarity was, but I just knew she was pregnant. I told her about your good news and tried to subtly ask her about babies on the way for her...? It was so awkward and she said just what you said! "no, i'm not pregnant... i'm just sick." ahhh! 3 days later I got a text from her and her husband announcing they're a few months along! I guess they weren't ready to tell anyone yet. As Brian Regan put it... The rule is Never Ever ever EVER Ever EVER ask someone that.