Wednesday, January 20

{creative stirrings}

Yesterday and today it is like magic....
All of the sudden, I feel like myself again!
And along with that, has come the usual barrage in my head of creative
stirrings :) I have to say, it feels really great to be myself again.

And so, I spent some time today thinking about all the little projects I can
start on for our little one on the way. Nesting, you might call it :)
First up! Refinishing the rocking chair my mother rocked me and my siblings in.

I can hardly wait!

And just for the record, we still don't know if its a boy or a girl.
You'll never guess what I think it is.

Oh, and Cancun pictures and baby bump pictures to come shortly.
Apparently my body decided the last 3 days were good ones to start showing.
I went from hardly showing at all to a nice full belly in literally 3 days!
And this little one is quite the busy one. Who knew something so little
could kick quite so hard? I feel it ALL day long.
What am I going to do when I'm 8 months pregnant? Pretty sure I'll die.
Ok. I am probably being a little dramatic but I am a little worried...


Cali Haynie Rutter said...

Haha! I am so excited you are feeling like yourself again!! We need to get together soon! I can't wait to see pictures of your little baby bump! I bet you are so adorable! Anyway I'm so excited for you and It's exciting you get to find out soon what it is!!

Lets get together soon!!

Latissa and Scott Graham said...

Yay! I'm glad you are feeling better! So happy for you! Yes I have been starting to think about the baby room now. I can't wait to decorate, just waiting for some more income!!