Friday, January 22


Our trip to Cancun was an absolute blast! I was a little worried about the plane
ride and that I would be sick while there but I did great!

We stayed at the Mayan Palace, a very posh resort just out of Playa Del Carmen.
I didn't get a picture of it but the pool area was enormous! We found out it
just recently got beat out for the largest pool in the book of Guinness Records.

Kirstin and Bruce got us this Botchy Ball set for Christmas and Lance was
determined to bring it to Mexico! The set weighed over 14 pounds!
But he made it work and it was a blast to play on the beach.

Mom & Dad snorkeling

We spent one full day at XCARET, a type of natural theme park. They had everything
from live entertainment, to these cute little turtles, underground rivers you could swim around
the park in, and almost anything else you can imagine! It was a very fun and full day.

This is one of the natural underground rivers that occasionally opens up
to the sky. Absolutely breathtaking!

The entire group of us, minus Lance who's taking the picture.
Kinley, Daniel, Austin, Dad, Kayshia, Me, Mom & Kathrina

Tulum: Mayan Ruins. Aren't they just beautiful? The couple and the ruins :)

It was right by the Caribbean Ocean. Those Myans sure knew how to choose
where to build! I would not mind living here at all.

Enrique Iglesias better watch out.

I want to move to Mexico :)

Mine and Dawn's french-tipped toes :)

On the beach at the resort, there were ALL kinds of little critters hiding in the rocks.

Each of these little shells is holding a crab. They were so much fun to watch
and felt very funny walking on your hands.

Lance and I also went into Playa Del Carmen one evening, just the two of us.
We had a blast getting couples massages and getting an amazing 4 course dinner
for only $15 each! Overall, the week was such a fabulous break and we all
had a blast.

Goodbye Mexico....until next time.


Danielle and Preston said...

Lucky girl. i am so jealous right now!

Shannon said...

perfect winter getaway! I am beyond jealous! LOVED all the pictures!

Kelli said...

Gorgeous pictures! You look fabulous!

Latissa and Scott Graham said...

Wow Chrissy, I truly am jealous!