Wednesday, April 24

Free Cupcakes

On Saturday, Lance and I decided on a whim to make a video for this little contest. The winner receives free cupcakes for a year! Crew is at the perfect age where he will repeat anything you say and he is so animated about it- so we figured it would be a fun little family activity for us.

Our video really is the best one, but then we found out the winner is decided by the amount of views, comments and likes- I really hate to promote things like this, but the video really is a fun watch and it's only 45 seconds. Please help us win :)

Make sure to leave a comment or a "like".

Thanks a million!


Josh 'n Jenn said...

wow! that was adorable! thanks for sharing :) good luck! I don't know if it helps, but Abby and I watched it like 4 times- it was THAT good :)

The Walkers said...

Haha! Thanks Jenn! Don't forget to "like" it and leave a comment on the YOUTUBE page. You're the best!