Friday, April 12

A lot

A couple months ago my cousin came into the kitchen while my Dad and I were talking. Here's how the conversation went from there:

Me: "We were just talking about our new house and the offer we put in."
Spence: "Oh! Nice. How many square feet is it?"
Me: "It's a lot"
Spence: (awkwardly) "Oh... ok."
Me: "No, no! It's a lot, as in a piece of land."

Haha. Maybe it's one of those things you have to be there for, but I cannot get over how hilarious this exchange was. Mostly because asking how many square feet someone's house is is usually an awkward question in and of itself; asking it implies you are close enough with the person that they wouldn't mind answering honestly, or that you are socially uninhibited and just ask what you want (which I actually love in a person, btw :). So then, to get a vague answer in reply would take the awkwardness to a whole new level, which it did, until I clarified and we had a great laugh about it.

Anyways, this entire explanation is for a reason and that reason is to say that we bought a lot! Yessiree, after 6 or so months of vigilant looking, 5 offers, countless counter offers and lots of time spent cruising online and in person, we are now the proud owners of a lot right by the Sleepy Ridge golf course in Orem, Utah! We've owned the lot for a couple of months now and have been busy with all the preparations to begin building, but I have felt torn about wether or not I wanted to share with the world at large (aka this blog).

After talking to a few friends about it, I've decided there are a few different schools of thought on the subject: one is that blogs tend to show the shiny, perfect side of life and posting about building a brand new house may be construed as bragging, or may make others feel sad/frustrated that they are not in that stage of life yet. The other school of thought is that the experience of building a home is one many of you may undertake in the future, and the knowledge and experience we are gaining through the process can help other people along the way.

I'm still feeling a bit torn, but have decided to share our journey building a house here on the blog. Please know that my intent would never be to make anyone feel badly- instead, I hope you can gain something from our experience! The blogs I follow that have shared the process are invaluable to me! And because my dad, who is a retired contractor, will be building the house for us, we will have an exceptional amount of control over what goes into the home and an incredible amount of work to make it all happen.

So, with no further adieu, here is the sketch of our new house:

We are set to break ground sometime in the next 10 days and we couldn't be more thrilled! It has been so much work already and I will be sharing separate posts on some of those details.

If you have any thoughts on sharing vs oversharing on blogs, please leave a comment! I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


Merrells said...

I think of my blog as my journal and a place to store keepsakes and significant events. In my own humble opinion, building a new home definitely goes under significant events! Very exciting!

Kalli said...

You will LOVE sleepy ridge, the ward is amazing:)

Josh 'n Jenn said...

Yay! I'm stoked to see you'll be blogging again :) Especially about the new house. I hope you sneak some pictures in of crew and cambridge too though! I'll bet cambridge is changing a lot.

Lindsey and Tony said...

Like the first post said blogs are a journal. Some sad and hard memories are worth documenting but why would we want to remember all of the hard times. It is your blog readers choice to take offence. Let us all share in your life's joys! I love reading about your happy times. And your kids are the cutest! I hope we get to see them in person soon!