Monday, February 4

Life as I know it

We have been so busy keeping up with our day-to-day happenings that I haven't posted an update on here in a while! Basically, our lives have been revolving around work (for Lance), our cute kiddos, keeping our house together, graphic design work (for me), and the beginning of building a home!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! So wonderful that I was too busy having a good time to take even a single picture with the real camera. Those of you who follow me on instagram got lots of Iphone pics, though :) We also celebrated Lance's 28th birthday, which was fun! Still hard to believe we are getting that old.

Life has been totally crazy and stressful and oh-so-good! Two children are definitely a lot more work and challenging than I ever thought they would be. Being a mom is so not glamorous. Between cleaning up food and poop and wiping boogy noses, sometimes I ask myself, "Am I really making a difference is this big wide world?" And my answer to myself is invariably this:

Yes! You are the world to your sweet children and your husband- and to them, your work is immeasurably important.

And so, I empty the dishwasher for the umpteenth time, and fold and put away the clothes I folded and put away last week, and explain to Crew (for the thousandth time) that he needs to be soft with his sister. I try not to think about the fact that I will be doing these same things every day for the next 25 years....(actually, I just daydream that someday we will hire someone to do all of these things for me. A girl can dream, right?! lol.)

And really, even though it's very repetitive and difficult I absolutely love being a mom. I feel so very lucky to have my children and my loving husband. And I feel so very lucky that my role as mother and wife is constantly pushing me to my limits and forcing me to improve and expand my capacities. I have never felt more love and happiness than I have as a mother.

Does anyone else have similar thoughts or feelings?


Cam said...

You are so cute Chrissy! You're such a good mom- Crew and Cambridge are so lucky! I'm right there with you, and I only have one. You're basically super-woman!

Lindsey and Tony said...

Motherhood is so hard but completely worth it. All you can do is laugh when you're covered in pee and spit up or you might just cry. I love your point on making a difference because I feel the exact same way. Youre right as long as we are taking care of our families we are doing exactly what God has planned for us to do!