Sunday, August 5

Lots of fun & 37 weeks!

We have had a very eventful week!

Saturday- Hiking up Little Cottonwood Canyon with the Walkers (Bruce and Kirstin were in town).
Sunday- Dinner with the Walkers, then a trip to Cascade Springs
Monday- OB appointment
Tuesday- Wicked at the Capital Theatre
Wednesday- Ward swimming party at the Scera
Thursday- At home with Crew and Colton (the little one I watch 1 day a week).
Friday- Swimming in the morning with my dear friends Skyler and Shannon and our kids, then boating and camping at Deer Creek with the whole Merrell clan.
Saturday- Boating at Deer Creek again (thanks Jake & Melissa)! Then dinner to PF Changs with my boys to celebrate 37 weeks!
Today- Birthday party for my oldest brother, Jake, who turned 30

It's been so wonderful spending lots of time with family and doing all kinds of adventurous things. It feels like the perfect way to spend our last few weeks before baby girl comes. I can hardly believe we are so close to seeing her. If I am induced early (it's still a little in the air) we have only 2 short weeks before we get to hold her in our arms!

Besides a short bought with a sinus infection, I am feeling fantastic. I'm sleeping great at night and have more energy than I have the entire pregnancy. I've noticed a little swelling in my face and I officially can't wear my wedding ring anymore. But no sign of the Cholestasis I had last time which I am SO grateful for. I also felt a definite "lightening" on Thursday which is when the baby drops lower into your pelvis, preparing for birth.

Lance has been very supportive and has been taking extra good care of me. He is so excited for the baby and is always amazed at her kicking and moving.

Crew is getting extremely aware of babies everywhere we go. He said to me the other day, "Mommy, my tummy hurts. The baby in my tummy hurts." I think I am most excited to watch him hold her for the first time.

For now we are enjoying our last couple of weeks as a family of 3 and are excited to soon be a family of 4!

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Lindsay said...

I was a few posts behind on your blog. I love catching up :). I was laughing at your "skinny" post because that's totally how it is, especially at the end of every pregnancy for me too! You are just dying to feel normal again. But you look amazing, and I'm sure you'll bounce right back just like you did with Crew. I wanted to thank you for putting up that quiet book-I am definitley going to print that off! You should mom and sisters and I use you as like the ultimate standard of cuteness. Whenever we know anyone that does cute crafts or has great style, etc. we just say "she's like a chrissy merrell" (of course I know you as Walker now) but anyway just wanted you to know I think you are so awesome. Thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us!! Good luck over the next couple months, every baby is an adjustment, but you'll do so great I'm sure!