Monday, August 27

Gone Viral

My Quiet Book has gone viral on Pinterest! I was really hoping people would love it and that others would get some good use out of it, but I never expected this. I have gotten over 10,000 page views on the quiet book post alone... craziness.

If you are joining us from Pinterest, please stick around! I have lots more where that came from, and I'll be posting all my freebies very shortly.


Jeff, Sarah, Lydia & Jack Henry said...

Saw your quiet time book on Pinterest and just came to check out your blog! LOVE the book and can't wait to print it out for my little girl. You have such a cute family!

{owens} said...

hey chrissy.. it's melissa's friend, ashley and i just wanted to first say CONGRATS on baby girls. she is just precious. also, i totally jumped at your quiet book post and just finished mine last week. and can i just say what a hit in sacrament meeting for my little wyatt. thank you thank you thank you. lifesaver for toddlers in church. please keep the pages coming because we're loving it! such a great idea for christmas gifts too... cheap and SUPER practical.. not to mention adorable! thanks, creative chrissy!

Shannon said...

I saw it on pinterest and thought, "that little boy looks JUST like Crew!" then I noticed the quiet book and remembered seeing it on your blog. You're famous Chrissy! ;)