Monday, December 12

A week in paradise!

When Lance and I met, he had traveled all over the United States (including Hawaii) with his family and while competing in track for BYU. I, on the other hand, had been all over the world with my family but had been to few states, and never Hawaii. After two international trips with my family, Lance and I decided that it was time for us to take a trip to the islands.

We left Crew at home with grandma and grandpa Merrell, and headed to Hawaii with Lance's parents and his sister Kirstin and her husband Bruce for 8 days in paradise! It was incredible!

Here are the highlights of our week:

Napali Coast boat tour + scuba diving
The Napali Coast is where Jurassic Park was filmed, so that gives you a small idea of the beauty and magnitude of this gorgeous shoreline. I assure you, the pictures do not do it any kind of justice! It's absolutely breathtaking.

 After an hour or so at sea, the dolphins appeared out of nowhere and starting swimming with us!
There were dozens and dozens of dolphins and they were so incredibly social.
Kirstin and I were like little girls on Christmas morning to see the dolphins :)

 Next it was Scuba diving time. Those are nervous smiles, if you can't tell!
 Scott wasn't nervous at all.
Yup, I was pretty much flipping out at this point and we hadn't even gone under.
I think the instructor was saying, "Calm down sweetheart, breath. It's going to be
fine. You are going to do this and you're going to be so proud of yourself."

It was a great pep just wasn't happening. 

After he lost 3 out of the 4 "discovery" scuba divers, our instructor took out the pros, 
Bruce, Kirstin & Lance, who are all certified and went without a problem. 
They also were able to go scuba diving another day!

13 mile Napali coast hike to a 3000 foot waterfall

This hike took us nearly 10 hours from start to finish! It was a grueling, up-and-down
through dense forest, sweaty, dirty hike right along the Napali coast. Most of the way we were hiking
right on the edge of sheer cliffs! We were exhausted and disgusting at the end but it tops
my list as one of the most incredible and memorable hikes of my life!

Heading off into the jungle!
 These spiders were everywhere.
 The first beach. Straight out of LOST.

The end waterfall which was 3000 feet high! There wasn't a single other
soul at the pool and waterfall while we were there. It felt so remote and exotic.

So happy to be there!

On our way out, we spotted a paraglider. Look closely and you'll see him in the top right hand corner.
Before we knew it, he was circling around and getting closer and closer to us. We were right on the
edge of a cliff, mind you, that led straight to the Pacific ocean. All of the sudden, we hear him yell,
"I'm bringing it in!" and he came barreling toward us! He landed right in between Kirstin & Bruce on
 the trail. Crazy dude had paraglided almost the entire island. He said he wasn't worried at all about the
 landing. And I thought we were being hard-core doing that hike!

Snorkeling and sunbathing on Poipu Beach

We saw some pretty incredible things while snorkeling! 
 We also just kicked back and enjoyed the sunlight.


One of my favorite days of the trip! Zip-lining through the gorgeous and exotic forests of Hawaii.
Yes, please.

Delicious food & great company!

We did a lot of swimming at the resort pool, which was incredible. I'm sad I didn't get a
great picture of it. We also cooked a lot of delicious meals, went to farmers markets, visited
waterfalls and enjoyed some delicious cuisine at a fine restaurant. 

We could not have asked for more from our Hawaii trip. We enjoyed every moment and can't 
wait to go back.
Until next time!


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ahhhhh!!!! looks amazing! I love the napali coast, it's gorgeous!!!!! glad you guys had a fun trip!