Friday, July 2

{just because}

The last week and a half have been an absolute joy with our new little one! He brings such happiness to our home. He is such a good baby! 

Here are a couple of pictures from a mini photo shoot I did with Crew yesterday. We are going out to do his newborn shoot this week but- in the meantime- I couldn't help but get a few cute shots of this adorable baby!

Sleeping soundly :) I want him to stay little forever.

Our little Crew smiles ALL the time! I know everyone says that its gas or a bubble in their tummy at this age but I'm just not buying it. Look at that grin and tell me its not pure joy.


Shannon said...

What a beautiful baby! Those are so sweet Chrissy! I love all of them. And I agree... its not just gas. I think they are remembering heaven or just so happy that they made it. And he's probably so happy that he has such great parents! Can't wait to see more Chrissy!

Josh 'n Jenn said...

awww... what a beautiful boy! and what beautiful photography :) i love them!

Emy Jason and Boston said...

oh wow! he just keeps getting cuter! really, he is so adorable, a perfect mix of the two of you! i am just overwhelmed remembering how amazing it is to meet them and those quiet moments you get to spend with them, love you guys