Wednesday, July 14


Just before baby came, Lance and I decided to make a new headboard for our recent switch from a Queen bed to a King size bed.

Our good friends Jake and Melissa Garrett joined in on the fun as well!  I dont have any pictures of the four of us working on our headboards together but we sure did have fun :)

I LOVE how it turned out! I have seen headboards just like this in Anthropologie magazines and have just drooled over them. Anthropologie is my favorite :) 

It's not just pretty... we ordered a feather pillow topper off of and our new bed is SO stinking comfortable. I just want to sleep all the time! Which has proven to be a little more difficult than I thought with our new little one here. But he's so worth it!


Merrells said...

The headboard turned out awesome! I'll have to commission you to help me make one when I can figure out where to put it! (:

Lanie said...

Oh my gosh it looks great! I am really wanting to do one of these when we move and get settled! It looks so good- great job!