Tuesday, April 27


Yay! We did it :) We are so excited to have graduated from BYU this last week. It felt fantastic to walk together in front of an enormous crowd in the Marriot Center and have our names read off. I am especially proud of Lance and his hard work in the Strategy program in the Marriott School of Business. 

I was afraid I would just look fat in my huge gown, but people kept making comments like, "You are such a trooper" etc. I have to admit though, the climb up and down the Marriott Center stairs about killed me. I started getting Braxton-Hicks (practice contractions) while we were outside taking pictures that were pretty intense. I was a little afraid that baby was coming! I guess it was just a little too much excitement for him :)

There is nothing better than being surrounded by those you love! We are so grateful to have such a supportive family.

Kinley, Mom, Dad & Kayshia

Grandma Pat, Liz & Scott

I cant really jump with my big belly but I think we still caught the excitement in the photo :)
We all went to Carrabas afterward to celebrate and the food was delicious.

Thanks family!!

We have been SUPER busy the last few weeks. Thus the lack of posting. We had finals week, this week we are moving, and Lance is still busy with track & is now working for a local consulting firm called RPM. Life is busy! But so much fun. 

We are so excited for our little guy to get here. I am mostly excited to sleep on my tummy again and to be as active as ever. Ever since I started feeling better at 18 weeks, I have been able to do almost anything! I even started jogging regularly and could easily jog a mile without getting tired at all. It was so nice to get my muscle tone back after losing all the weight in the beginning. But the last few days I have started feeling really out of breath all the time. I know they say you shouldn't exercise for a few weeks after having the baby, but I just think I wont be able to stand it! I cant wait to put my new running stroller to use and getting into fantastic shape :)


Courtney said...

CONGRATS you two! I am so proud of you Chrissy!

Kalli said...

congratulations! That is so neat you guys graduated together!
and maybe i'm naughty but I started excercising about a week after Ethan was born...my OB said to just listen to my body and don't push it.

gardnerfamily said...

Congrats! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you! Can't wait to meet your little guy (and ours!)

Merrells said...

Congrats to you both! What a great accomplishment and so fun you could walk together. On to the next adventure...!

CallisterCatch said...

It was great seeing you at Womens Conference. Your baby bump is super cute. Congrats on Graduation. Hopefully this links you to my blog.

Walkers said...

Keaton and I are enjoying looking at your posts. YOu are both awesome! Congratulations! We are excited to have you living close!