Monday, February 8

{sunday dinner}

This last Sunday we had Lance's family over for pot roast, potatoes & carrots. Pot roast has been a Sunday tradition with my family for a long time so it was fun to make my family classic. And we were so lucky to have everyone over for an evening of fun. Little Savannah is visiting grandma for the week and, as you can see, she is quite the character! She was keeping us all laughing the entire night. She is such a smart little one and has started to really talk up a storm. 

Savannah playing horsie with grandpa

She loves her Keaton more than anything!

Liz and Keaton enjoying their root beer floats for dessert!

Trishy taking a little nap after our big feast! 

Oh how we love our family! It's so much fun having everyone close (besides Kirstin, of course) and being able to play with them so often. I just know our little one is going to love his aunts, uncles, and grandparents SO much. What a lucky little guy :) 


gardnerfamily said...

Love the pictures... wish we could have been there!

LuLu said...

wow i didn't realize i actually fell asleep...and you took pictures how rude!haha