Thursday, September 10

{all moved-in & women's expo}

Well, it's official! We are all moved into our new house. Thank you to all our friends and family who came to help us! We had quite the turn-out and felt very loved :) Things seemed to be going without a hitch and we had almost everything packed up in almost an hour. Then we all headed to the new house to unload all the furniture. Then...came time for the couches. Holy Moly those things are big! They are overstuffed leather which is nice to sit in and very pretty to look at but not very practical to get through the smaller-than-normal door frames. SO, long story short, we ended up doing a little damage in wedging the couches in. But the good news is, the couches are in! And I'm pretty sure they are staying there, for good. If the next occupants of our home wont buy them, we'll give them to them. :) Unless, of course, we want to pay someone to take out the front bay window to get them out. I guess we'll probably laugh about it once the door frames and walls are repaired and we dont own the couches anymore :) lol.

After barely getting moved in, we jumped into an airplane with Jason and Emy and little Boston and took a little vacation to San Diego. So much fun!! I cant wait to post pictures. Unfortunately, my camera found its way into a Denali that drove to Arizona. SO, pictures will have to wait. In the meantime, come visit me this Friday and Saturday at the UVU what women want expo. Lance and I went to set up this afternoon and I cant wait for things to get started tomorrow! I'm so thankful for my wonderfully supportive husband and his willingness, no, encouragement, to let me do what I love.


Jennica Woodbury said...

Your blog is unbelievable! I'm so happy for ya that things are going so well for ya. Hope you can come visit soon. Actually... we're going to the BYU game next saturday. We're driving with my parents, but hopefully we can see ya!

Travis & Liz said...

I'm so impressed with your booth! You are so talented. I still can't believe that whole thing with the copy cat!!