Tuesday, August 18


We are moving! And very excited about it. :) We found this killer deal in our ward. It's the family Lance home teaches. They are moving away and their grandma owns the home. She is trying to get things rezoned for condos but since that is taking forever, and it's a bad time to sell, she just wants the place well taken care of. SSSOOO.... we will be moving in! We'll be paying less than we are now and it is at LEAST 3x the size. 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, and (my favorite) the kitchen is enormous. Our apartment now has been great for us- we have 3 bedrooms but there is almost no storage. I have had to be SO creative to get everything to fit and look nice. And now, I am excited that I will actually have a pantry, a laundry room (instead of a laundry closet), and more storage then I will know what to do with.

We are taking a little roadtrip this week, then home to shoot Nate & Cali's wedding, then moving into our new home on Saturday the 29th. The Monday after that school starts (I'll be taking 20 credits!), then a quick trip to California with our good friends Jason & Emylee, then my booth in the UVU women's expo. Whew! It's going to be a crazy month. Anyways, there is a quick update on us. I will post pictures of the new place as soon as we get all moved in.


Merrells said...

Fixed that link on my website. (:

Emy Jason and Boston said...

Thats so awesome guys, and we're glad that you're not moving out of the ward! Who in the ward lived there before? We'll be happy to help you move! Maybe we need to keep our eyes open for somewhere better, well cheaper, to live in the ward. Congrats guys!

Barbaloot said...

Chrissy-it's Barbara Dayton. I found your blog through Jake and Melissa's. I had no idea you were so talented and creative! Although, remembering all the things I saw your mom make, I should've known. Anyway, I've loved looking through your design website and will definitely be keeping you in mind for when I have frames I want, or photos to get. Also, do you do canvas of any temple, or just the Salt Lake one?

Let me know when your booth will be up at UVU. I'd love to stop by.