Friday, September 18

{san diego}

Our good friends Emylee & Jason invited us to go to San Diego with them at the beginning of September. Also in the party were Emylee's parents (coolest parents ever!) and Lexi, Emylee's childhood friend. We gratefully accepted and had an absolute blast! Our resort was right on Mission Beach. We went surfing, boogie boarding, played smash ball on the beach, laid out in the sun, went long boarding and biking on the boardwalk, went to see the temple, and did whole lot of relaxing. Who could ask for more? Thanks Emy and Jason! It was the perfect vacation.

You can't tell but we are on long boards :)

What a darling family!

The boys surfed it up! That is until Jason got stung by a sting ray!

The cutest baby ever

I love this one

Lexi, who is also a photographer.

Best part of the entire trip: for Lexi's birthday, we went to this FANTASTIC Korean Restaurant. The entire meal was like an endless huge lettuce wrap with all different kinds of meats, vegetables, and sauces. Dont let their sign fool you, this place was authentic :)

Thanks so much Jason & Emy!


Latissa and Scott Graham said...

Wow you guys go on the coolest trips! So fun!

Emy Jason and Boston said...

Chrissy, thanks so much for taking pictures for us! Yes, the "I" is capitalized for our name, but it looks good lower case too. I am going to post again on our blog with the newer pictures you took. Thanks soo soo much.

Brittany Pyne said...

Chrissy! You look so pretty in these pictures! I LOVE your hair! Looks like it was a great trip! :)