Thursday, June 4

my best friend's wedding

Daxton & Alisa
May 20th, 2009

I cannot believe my best friend is married to her sweetheart.
I am so happy for her and Daxton! Her wedding was beautiful,
of course. And it was such a neat experience to be there with
Lance for my first sealing in the temple. They are so in love
and I have never seen her so happy.

Whitt, me, Alisa & Jenn. So great to have us all together again!

Being there for the sealing reminded my of my own
wedding (6 months ago!) and the blessing of being
sealed to my sweetheart in a Holy Temple of the
Lord. He is everything I could ever want and more.
Each day I feel like I couldn't love him any more
and I cannot wait for the journey ahead of us.
Here are the gray frames and canvas prints I did for
Alisa's wedding. They turned out so well, I think!
Next is orange for Melissa's wedding.

See more pictures of the frames here.

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