Sunday, February 1

Mexican Baha Cruise

We set out on Friday night for our Baha Mexican cruise by packing all 11 of us Merrells into the camper and setting off for California. It's the perfect way to travel! You can sleep on the bed, play games at the table, eat, go to the bathroom! The trip there was almost as much fun as the cruise itself. I love my family! It was so perfect to have everyone there.Cabo was beautiful and warm. We went snorkeling at one of the more local beaches instead of going to the touristy places and it was awesome! So many fish. Lance was like a fish himself again. He loves the water. We brought some crackers and Lance figured out that if you put them in a plastic bag, all the fish would still swarm around you and follow you but you didn't run out of bait! We would have lots of cool underwater pics but Lance was so into the fish, he lost the camera :)

"Icky" our server. He was such a nice man and he especially loved Kenna.

Lance and I at our sit down dinner. It was so nice to have an entire table filled with the family. The food was great and especially the "warm chocolate melting cake". They came in their own little dish and were kind of like a volcano cake. To die for! So as soon as we got home I found the Carnival recipe and bought the little Ramikans. I cant wait to make them for Lance and I!

Just a great shot of our little fat-maker fun boat. Seriously. If any of you have not been on a cruise, you need to go! All you can eat food all the time. One night we had lobster tail and tiger shrimp and Lance had three plates of it.

HAHA! So we asked the carriage driver to take a picture of us (he failed to include the horse) and he took about fifty. I think he liked the sound of the 'click'. We thought that poor horse was going to collapse under all the weight of us!

Dawn and Kinley just chillin in Ensinada. They went crazy with the money mom alloted them getting jewlry and whatnot.

Kenna being silly with her uncle Lance. Anytime he is around, she wants to be with him. He is going to make such a cute dad someday! :)

Kenna is so adorable! She made the trip that much more fun. Look at the cute necklace she picked out all by herself.

We bought a hammock and pottery for Lance's parents in Ensinada. Everything was so cheap here! I also got the blue bracelet, a necklace, earings for Trisha (Lance's little sister) and a sling shot for Keaton (Lance's little brother). Everyone seemed to be staring at me. Maybe it was the Jacky O sunglasses? All-in-all what a fun trip. It was so wonderful having my sexy husband with me. We cant wait til our next vacation!

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