Tuesday, February 24


Since school has been so busy, I have not had much time to
let my creative side express itself. I feel like ideas are
screaming inside of me, just waiting to come to life! I have
our entire guest room planned out from handmade
velvet charcol bed skirts and curtains to wall-hangings
and dozens of ideas for new wood projects- not to
mention the orders I haven't had a second to work
on! So today, i decided i needed a little creative
escape to blog. Too bad homework! So here are
a few favorites as of late:

1. Regina Spektor's begin to hope: she is so great
& her music inspiring. plus, she's gorgeous!

2. Deseret Industries: the best $9.75 ive spent
in a long time

you cant tell too well from the pic but the gray fabric is
fabulous! i cant wait to make a skirt or pillow sham.
seriously. i love people that give to di! i love giving to
di myself- prob why i dont feel guilty at all for getting
really great stuff for almost nothing :) i will be a
regular there until i find some good niightstands
to redo for Lance & I.

3. My Lion House cook book: the recipies should
be all from scratch and take hours, right? not so.
I am loving to pull it out when we are in a time
crunch and making something fabulous. The latest:
parmesan ranch chicken with noodles & red sauce.
Mmmm. And took about 30 minutes.

4. Green Tea HP: my current favorite for energy
in jam-packed long days.

if you haven't heard, Lance & I opened a kiosk selling
this in the st. george mall. If you have not heard about
it or tried it, you are missing out! seriously, this stuff
is great. Not only have i lost a couple pounds, it gives
you a great even energy for hours and hours. I can
tell a big difference especially in classes. Not to mention
all the health benefits of its jam-packed antioxidant
power. Wondering if this is against the word of wisdom?
Its not. The creaters wanted all the health benefits
without all the bad stuff. Tanic acid and almost all
caffiene are gone. Whats left is 50 cups worth of
antioxidants in one bottle and a surprisingly great taste.
Click here to check it out


Aaron, Kelli, and Kaylan said...

Chrissy, I just love you! You're such a creative girl! I'll definitely check out the tea... I'm all for that kind of thing!

Tessa and Jeff said...

I miss you! It's good to hear life is going good. Do you even have a few pounds to lose? I don't think so, you crazy!
Hey I was listening to Evan Essence the other day and totally thought of you! Screaming at people on the side of the road... remember the lady that almost had a heart attack? LOL, I had a good laugh. Thanks for the great memories :) Let's play... ps, it's ok to take a break from homework every once in a while... I did it a lot! Love ya!

Unga said...

Chrissy, I am so impressed with your creativity. It is always inspiring to see people let their creative juices flow! I will put a link on my cookie site for you! I am curious about the green tea HP. I know someone else doing it and they like it to hmmm. I would like to get more info from you! Hope al is well!

Andrew and Amanda Swanger said...

You are amazing, and I love you. And miss you like crazy. That's all :)