Sunday, February 1

happy 24th lance!

On January 23rd, my sexy hubby turned 24. Since he has started traveling with the track team now, he was gone for his birthday so we got together with the families a few days later to celebrate. I tried a new recipe from The Lion House. This Lemon Chiffon Cake was delicious! And a hit with everyone at the party. Also, we surprised Lance and got him a new Ipod! He was very excited that he can now watch movies on his long flights to track meets.

Somebody said, "Hey Lance! Its your first birthday as a married man." And Lance immediately said, "Happy Birthday to me!" and thus my face in this picture... oh babe, I love you.

We love our families! A little singing, a little cake, a little visiting, a little guitar hero... it was so fun hanging out with everyone. Thank you for your love and support!


gardnerfamily said...

Wish we could have been there for the party! Happy Birthday again :)

kate + parker said...

hey chrissy! I heard you couldn't get onto my blog! Now you will have a link to get you there. Looks like your cruise was amazing!! I'm so glad we have blogs to keep us updated!

Ludi said...

Hey Chrissy! I'm Ludimila, from Brazil. I'm one of the exchange students that were there in Lance's birthday party. It's so exciting for me to visit your blog and see this pictures. I'm glad to know that I was there, with all of you! I can't express my feelings now, this is just so great! Take care, see ya!