Saturday, May 18

Great finds!

I have been spending a lot of time researching different finishes and fixtures for the home.  I usually choose a specific something, then read articles, forums and reviews to try and get the best product for the smallest price. Usually that just means cruising KSL till I find the deal I'm after, or comparing prices online. And can I just tell you? It is so very satisfying to get an incredible product for an incredible price! I'm kind of addicted.

My recent finds have been:

  • A 9 foot vanity with white Corian countertops, 2 under-mount sinks and faucets for only $100. The white Corain countertop alone would have been $900 new. This will go in our master bathroom.
  • 50 sq ft of new white Carrara marble for $1.75 a sq ft- normally at least $10 a sq ft.
  • A vintage claw foot tub that looks almost brand new for $150 - worth $600-$1200.  Again, for our master bathroom.
  • Full overlay kitchen cabinets for the basement apartment for $600- we will refinish them which will be a ton of work but will save us over $3,000. 
  • FREE black quartz countertops that were from a rich family in Alpine. They were going to throw them away, then thought someone might want them. These are worth at least $2000! I haven't decided for sure where I'll use them but they will be fabulous :)
And my latest find is this:

It's the Grohe Bridgeford kitchen faucet. Retail is $550 and I snagged two of them,
brand new, for $95 and $120. This is a very nice faucet, even more high-end than Moen and I can't
tell you how excited I am about doing dishes with this bad boy! 

See how beautiful bridgeford faucets are in the kitchen?

Ha! I am a complete dork, you guys. But at least I'll be a dork with a beautiful kitchen faucet :)


Josh 'n Jenn said...

Wow-fun! I was thinkin that one of those old tubs would be so cool to have one day. So classic... Good finds! I can't wait to take a tour.

Lindsey and Tony said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! You are so good at finding great deals. How do you find time?!

EmyLee McIntyre said...

no you are an educated dork with good taste! i love it those finds are amazing!