Friday, May 3

breaking ground

We broke ground on the new house yesterday! It's been a few months coming and we couldn't be
more thrilled. You hear over and over again that building a house always takes longer than expected
and always costs more than expected. We have already experienced both of these things and we
haven't even dug the hole yet :)

It is definitely going to be tricky to stay on budget. The thing about buying a house is there is one price
and you know it beforehand. With building, and especially when you are going the more DIY route,
there are a MILLION ways to go over-budget. You have to be much more disciplined and decide what
things are really important to spend a little more money on and what things are ok to save on.

About to start digging the first hole! Who needs a shovel when you have a track hoe?! 
So fun to think of the memories we will make here and how our little family will grow :)

Our lot! For those of you who don't know, it's in the Sleepy Ridge golf course, right by the lake in Orem/Vineyard. Our back yard is Vineyard and our lot's in Orem.

 Crew LOVED running the track hoe with grandpa and was so sad when it was time to go.

Cambridge loved all of the excitement too! 

While we were digging, one of the neighbors came out with her 5 children! Four boys ages 6 
and down, then a little girl that's the same age as Cambridge! One of her little boys was Crew's age, 
too and Crew and the boys got right to boy business; throwing dirt clods. I'm so excited to 
know there will be playmates for my little ones.

Since my Dad and my brother Austin are doing 90% of the work, it will likely take 6 months
to complete the home- but we're in no rush :) For now I've been spending a lot of time 
scouring our local KSL classifieds and Lance and I have some projects to start working on-
more on that in a later post! 

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