Friday, November 2


This Halloween completely snuck up on me! I cannot believe Summer is 
officially over and now we are already into fall. 

We had a great time going to our friend's Halloween party. The 
whole family was invited so we coordinated :)

Thor, Black Widow, Captain America and the Hulk.

Yes, we dressed our baby girl in a boy costume! But don't worry, 
we made up for it by dressing her as a Care Bear on Halloween day.

It was so fun to have Crew old enough to understand what was going on!
He was delighted to go around the neighborhood collecting candy. 

At each home he would say, "I'm gonna say it loud this time!", then
he would yell Trick or Treat. :)

It's incredible to think how Crew was just a year ago, at Halloween.
He was still advanced for his age in language, but he hardly spoke compared
to now. Now he is a complete chatter box and I can't get peace and quiet
unless he is watching a movie. I will often be found begging him for
a little bit of quiet.... oh the joys of being a mother!

Anyways, hope you had a great Halloween too :)


Cam said...

What cute costumes!! Looks like tons of fun!

Josh 'n Jenn said...

We just redboxed the Avengers and now I know how cool your costumes are! You make a good black widow.