Thursday, October 13


Crew has these darling shoes from Ralph Lauren. I was shocked a few weeks to find they actually fit him. His feet have grown really fast! But then I was very perplexed because after leaving them in Sandy at Lance's parent's for a week they became really tough to get on.

"There is no way he outgrew these in a week!" I kept thinking and tried even harder to get them on his feet. After 10 or so minutes of working at it, I finally got them on. Crew fussed a little getting them on but other than that, happily wore them for 2 or 3 hours.

Yesterday afternoon when Lance picked them up to put them on, Crew started crying before they had even touched his feet. Lance too just kept at it and even had to use a knife as a shoe horn to get the back on. But Crew continued to cry! So Lance just gave up and put another pair of shoes on.

It wasn't until Crew was sound asleep in his crib and I was picking up the house did I notice something blue down in one of the shoes. I was absolutely stunned to pull out a sock that had been stuffed into the toe! I checked the other shoe and sure enough! A sock had been stuffed in that toe as well. We just sat there horror-struck. That poor baby.

I am happy to report that I checked his toes this morning and everything seems ok. I think the only thing that isn't going away anytime soon is the guilt Lance and I feel for not paying more attention to his fussing! Poor little guy. We know it is only the first of many mistakes we will make as parents. Sorry Crew guy!

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Steve Murphy said...

The same thing happened to us. It must be a rite of passage! :)