Thursday, October 13

Christmas Card Giveaway

Whimsy Place is getting busier and busier every day and I couldn't be more delighted!
It's been a little tricky trying to balance being a mommy with running a business but I feel like I am 
getting better at it little by little. Basically, I spend a lot of nap times and evenings working on designs
 and orders. After that, there's not much time left for anything else, but it is so worth it :) I feel like 
I have finally found the perfect place for me! Lance has been incredibly supportive through it all and
 gets as excited as I am to see things grow.

I just posted the 2011 line of Christmas cards- and to celebrate I'm doing a giveaway!

Enter the giveaway for 50 Christmas cards and see the rest of the 2011 line by clicking here.

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Metro Moments and other happenings said...

This is amazing! The cards are all so adorable. You really have an eye for this!

I hope you are doing well!!