Saturday, July 9

{Website Launch!}

Why do I always believe that summer is going to be a break? Don't you do the same thing? Then summer ends up being so much busier than the rest of the year! But it's lovely and we enjoy every moment of it :)

Here is a quick overview of what we've been up to, then some exciting news.

  • We went to Stadium of Fire with Lance's family. It was wonderful! It's my 3rd year, but it was the rest of the family's first year and we all had a blast. The fireworks were spectacular and we enjoyed ourselves at the street dance afterwards. Crew was sleeping soundly at home with grandma and grandpa Merrell.
  • My cousin Jonny Murphy who was 16 years old passed away suddenly last week. He had a headache for a couple of days, went to the hospital to find he had a blood clot, then died a couple of days later. We are all so saddened by his passing. He is really going to be missed and was such a good boy! We traveled to the funeral in Boise and it was such a beautiful tribute to him. Everyone just knows he his happy now and going about doing good in the spirit world.
  • We have been doing a lot of swimming this summer. Swimming lessons for Crew once a week and Seven Peaks season passes. 
  • Lots of BBQs and hanging out on the patio with friends and family. Gotta love these perfect summer evenings.
And last but not least, I have been spending a lot of time getting ready to launch my new website! And it's finally ready. I still have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks but at least it is at a place I felt comfortable announcing it. 

I really have had almost no feedback on the site and I would love for you to take a look and let me know what you think: good or bad! I want to hear it all. I promise you wont hurt my feelings, I just want to make it better! :) Pretty please?


Lindsay said...


I love your new site! I so admire your creativity and talent. You are awesome for doing what you love and excelling at it. I loved all the cards and thought they were so cute. I wanted to let you know, I noticed just a small typo in the baby announcements on Style G. It says June 22st instead of June 22nd. I know that's irrelevant, I just happen to pick up on things like that without meaning to. Keep up the good work!

Jason McIntyre said...

wow! great job, it looks so professional! i am really impressed with the wall paper background and it is so easy to navigate! and oh that olive is soooo cute! so is ethan allen! haha, i am so sorry i forgot to call you for the blog help the other night i spaced it. i will call you and reschedule. i have 3 shoots this week yay, maternity, family and a cosmetic shoot! thanks for all your encouragement! i am so proud of you!