Saturday, July 30


Here is a recap in pictures of what we've been up to the last few weeks.

The park with Court and the boys. Love them! (It was naptime :)

My handsome boys all ready for church.

2011 Merrell Family Reunion!

I absolutely love my family! We have all grown up and don't get to
see each other very often but it's such a treat when we all get together. And the older I get,
the more I understand what a support and blessing my extended family have been to me over the years.
They mean so much to me.

My cousin Rach and her kids. Jack is only a couple months older than Crew. Look at all that hair!

Janeal just had her baby

This little man is not just walking, he is pretty much running everywhere he goes

Next we had a wedding BBQ for our friends Ben & Tash who
got married in California. Ben & Lance both work for RPM
so we had all the RPM guys and their wives.

They even fed each other cake

Ha! Love these two.

Keith and Tash. 

After dinner & games, we ended up having an aiming war with roman candles. 
Definitely thought the cops were going to be called but we successfully had a blast with no tickets :)

The 24th of July weekend was an absolute blast! Kirstin was in town for a cousin's wedding.
We went to Draper days, the zoo, La Caille for the wedding, singing in church with Lance's family,
Avie's 2nd birthday, and fireworks with cousins to end Sunday evening. SO much fun!

These two acted more like brothers than cousins.

We've had a busy and fun summer so far! Lance is busy training for his 206 mile bike ride in
September and I've been busy working on my website. 

We just love summer.


gardnerfamily said...

love the pictures... thanks for sharing!

Josh 'n Jenn said...

Yeah- these photos are awesome! Fun post.