Monday, June 20


Where do I begin? The last two weeks have been very busy and fun ones for us. Here's a recap in pictures:
Cute baby! Loves brushing his teeth with the power toothbrush.

This is a common scene around her. Crew LOVES rocks. Uh huh. Pure boy.

We took a great week long vacation in St. George. I didn't take very many pictures because I was busy 
enjoying the time with friends and family! But celebrating these boys birthdays was definitely a highlight of the week.



Carter :)

Love this one!
Thanks to friends and family who came to celebrate.

Crew learned how to walk! I can honestly say that nothing
makes me quite as happy as watching his drunken little sailor walk.

Another highlight was going to Sand Hallow and playing on the beach.

There was a lot of playing around in the sand.

And definitely some mud-slinging

and splashing

and more mud-slinging.

These are the moments I live for

they make all the other stuff worth it :)


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Crew!!! Looks like it was a fun party, and a fun St. G trip. I am in love with his plaid shorts, and little hat! So cute. Miss you Chrissy!!!!

gardnerfamily said...

Cute pictures. I especially love the one of the three of you at the b-day party. And PS it looks like you may have one of our towels... :)