Tuesday, January 4


Crew has about the cutest baby giggle I've ever heard. You can't help but laugh along with him! He gets the most silly before bedtime and since we live downstairs, my family is usually in on the fun. I can't tell you how many countless times we've all been gathered around him at night while he giggles his little heart out- sometimes for 20 minutes straight or more!

This was Christmas night and the pooh bear is one my mom had given Crew for Christmas. He was completely captivated by it.

I promise it's not always smiles and giggles around here. We have our fair share of tantrums and tears as well. But I treasure these moments! Enjoy :)



Justin and Lindsay said...

I can't decide what's cuter, his little laugh or you laughing at him laughing. What a happy little guy!!

gardnerfamily said...

Love the video and all the fun pictures of Christmas!

Shannon said...

I love baby laughs! I still haven't seen him in person! We should get together soon!

Emy Jason and Boston said...

his laugh is infectious i started laughing and and then story started in! i love him! we miss you guys!

Cali Haynie Rutter said...

This is SOO Cute!! He's Adorable!