Sunday, August 15


Its hard to believe summer is coming to a close. We have been trying to fit in all the outside fun time we can!

Cousins; only 3 weeks apart. I just melt at these cute babes.

First off, we loved having Kirstin, Marcus and Savannah in town! They decided to make a last  minute trip to Utah for a week. We feel so spoiled to get to see them two months in a row. Kirstin and I have become such good friends and it's been hard to have her live all the way in Arizona. I feel so blessed to have sisters-in-law that I just click with and have from day one. I sure love them! 

Every time Kirstin comes into town, we pack our things to spend the night in Salt Lake to get in as much time as possible. And inevitably, we end up spending at least 2 and even sometimes 3 nights in a row because we just never want to leave! 

Fun at Dive Utah.

Savannah has become quite the little fish! Her uncle Keaton is her absolute favorite.

Savannah showing me the stamps she earned after her great swimming lesson.

This evening, we got together for a BBQ and pool party at Andrew's house. Everyone got together for a group shot at the end of the party just as my camera died. Bummer. 

Here is Sutton holding Crew with his brand new glasses. Ha! What a little stud.

There was something really interesting on the ground apparently. 

Practicing his floating with daddy. He LOVES the water.

Look how fat he has gotten! Yup. Pretty sure he eats all the time. 

I just cant get enough of this sweet baby.

He has been regularly sleeping 5 1/2 hours at night which is heaven. And he makes getting up in the night such a pleasure. As soon as he sees me he breaks into the biggest smile and will sit and talk and coo with me. It's like he's trying to say, "Boy! Am I sure happy to see you. I'm really hungry..." 

He is still a complete cuddle bug and loves to be held. But he is also really curious about the world around him and cant stand to be laying flat when he's awake. He loves his bouncer seat which we put on the kitchen table so he can see everything that is going on. 

 He has been smiling so much more in the last couple of weeks and today he giggled for the first time! Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.... :)

He is an absolute pleasure and we are so very happy he's ours forever.


Lanie said...

Chrissy he is so cute! I love that last picture of hinm

Danielle and Preston said...

he has gotten so big! crazy how fast they change. so cute!

gardnerfamily said...

love the pictures! We had such a fun time we hope we get to see you soon.

Shannon said...

he has gotten SO big! I can't believe it! He's so cute chrissy!