Wednesday, December 9

{happy one year to my baby!}

Our wedding day was everything I had dreamed of! At the end of the day, I remember
feeling like I just wouldn't change a single thing! The one thing, though, that I failed to do
and was so sad was a wedding video. I know, i know. So silly of me but I figured we would
have our family members tape everything and I would use my new editing skills to
make our own! But it got completely lost in the shuffle. SO, Lance and I went out at
the end of October this year and had our wedding video made.

Sounds funny right? I got in my dress, Lance in his suit, I made a bouquet and we went to
the temple grounds for a few hours of loving each other :) We got the video back soon after and
I am absolutely IN LOVE with it! It was so worth it going back out. Melissa came
along and got some more shots of us in front of the temple and I love them.
I was absolutely freezing on our wedding day so it was nice to get some pictures in
the warm and sunny weather. Thank you again Melissa, I love them :)

Its hard to believe it has been an entire year since I married my sweetheart for time and all
eternity. It has been such a fun and adventurous year! We have been lucky enough to take 5
vacations this year, move into our first home together, spend so much time with our wonderful
friends and family, and be wrapping up our educations at BYU.

We have learned so much together already and I love him so much more than I
ever thought possible. He is my everything.

We have the entire world in front of us and we can hardly wait what it has in store!


gardnerfamily said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had fun. Hope you will share the video with us. I don't think I can get one done because I already look so much older than when I got married lol. Congrats again on the little one :)

Walkers said...

I really wanted to upload the video to here but couldn't figure it out! But for sure we will share it next time we see you.

Latissa and Scott Graham said...

I did the same thing, didn't spend money on a wedding video, and I regret it SOOO much!! That is so cool what you did though. How fun!