Saturday, July 11

our first apartment

Here is a quick tour of our little home...

The front room that gets lots of Wii action
when we have friends over.

The guest room that I was so excited about having.
It has gotten quite a lot of use and I am so happy.
We love having friends and family over to stay with
us. I never thought I would enjoy being
a hostess so much!

Our little dining area. I had a much
larger counter-height table and 6 chairs
when we got married but... it wouldn't
fit here! Oh well.

Our LOVELY drop in gold stove.
Pretty sure it's an original.

The kitchen is a little small but I love it!

Our office. And new imac computer that
I am so stinkin excited about!


Our bedroom with the lovely quilt my mom
made for us for our wedding. Thanks mom!
And Al, I need to give you back that sign :)

We love our little apartment and the
memories we have already made here!
Let's face it, we live in the ghetto! For example,
drug deals going on in the front yard,
watching the man across the street hit his wife;
not exactly the place you would want to live
long term. But we feel like it is such a fun
adventure for us to start out small and we
are excited to work hard and
see where we can end up.


Latissa and Scott Graham said...

It sure is cute Chrissy! Love your designs in each room. You are so talented!!

kate + parker said...

I wish I had your decorative talent! everything is so cute. we need to go dancing!

Danielle and Preston said...

Chris your apartment is adorable :)