Thursday, July 30

baby avonlea

I have a lot to post about so these are going to be
a little out of order. But...Here is my SWEETEST little
niece Avonlea. Isn't she just the cutest thing
you've ever seen? I was so excited to take her pictures
the other day and to put together a couple of announcements
for her mom to choose from.

This one is my absolute favorite!

I must say, Jake & Melissa do make some pretty
darn cute babies!

On a more serious note; last night, as I was laying in
bed, I couldn't help butfeel so overwhelmingly thankful for
the countless blessings the Lordhas chosen to give to me.
I'm getting teary-eyedeven now thinking about it. I couldn't
even start to list thembut number one is my sweet husband
who is insanely supportive
(and whom I love more than I thought possible)
and our wonderful family and friends. Its easy to get
caught up inthe day-to-day things, to feel
overwhelmed, and to forgetour eternal worth and purpose.
But when we gain sight of what'struly important, the Lord
can softly prod us to reach a little further.

I want to be a better woman, a better wife, a better friend.


Mackenzie Sue said...

Those pictures are amazing. What a beautiful niece you have. Chrissy you are such a talented girl!

Melvin said...
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