Tuesday, December 9


We finally made it to Punta Cana! The plane rides really were not too bad but we were so happy when we pulled up to our beautiful resort. We promptly went to eat something and had our first taste of the REAL pina colada! We had probably 5 a day each our entire stay. They were delicious :)

I love this picture! This sea weed was all over the beach. That was until a cleaning crew came a long to clean it all up! The beaches were perfectly white and clean.

Of course we had to get a picture of our feet and the ocean! Almost every day was sunny and gorgeous. We enjoyed kayaking, and para sailing (which I didn't get a picture of because my camera battery died!).

Look at those gorgeous palm trees behind us! They just look fake. One of our days, we took an excursion to the other side of the Dominican Republic. We sailed on a catamaran our to this gorgeous island. There, we had a delicious bbq and drank from fresh coconuts.

Look how gorgeous that is! We decided we were going to take a little excursion into the jungle to explore. Well, we didn't get very far before Lance was chuck full of mosquito bites! He had 13 in a matter of seconds.
On our way back on the speed boats, we stopped in at the "natural pool" which is a large area of shallow water clear out in the middle of the ocean! It was so neat and Lance was like a little fish. He went off to find treasure and shortly returned with this starfish. How cool!

We really enjoyed our time in the Dominican Republic which is where Lance's brother, Madsen, is serving on his mission. We wanted to go visit him but found out when we got there that even though he was only 80 miles away, it would have taken 10 hours one way on a bus! We were sad we couldn't visit him but all in all, our trip was so much fun! We cant wait until our next vacation.


Andrew and Amanda Swanger said...

Yay! I've been waiting for pictures, and to know how things are going as a married woman!!! Looks like you had an amazing honeymoon! Miss and love you! Now let's see some wedding pics :)

McKenzie said...

Chrissy! It sounds like you had a wonderful adventure in the Dominican! Your pictures are beautiful, and you look happy! Congratulations again!

Merrells said...

So much fun and I love that picture at the top!

Derek and Kimberly Walker said...

Congrats! We are so Happy for you two! We are sorr we missed your Reception. But we loved your Invite.
Sorry- you dont know who i am, But Lance and my Husband Derek are cousins. Stuart is Scott's Brother.
Stuart is Derek's Dad.
any ways, cant wait to meet you! Congrats again on everything!
P.S. Your Bridals are so Beautiful!
and Lance Lance Hey from us =)

The Heath Family said...

Hey Chrissy! It looks like you had so much fun! I want to see pics from your wedding. Sorry we weren't able to come... Shelton got off work really late. Congrats! Talk to you soon!

Bailey Family said...

Hey Chrissy!! Congradulations on everything i am so happy for you!1 I havent seen you since i lived with you... K that may not be true lol well i hope everything is going good and MERRY CHRISTMAS :D