Friday, September 14

Getting the hang of things

It has been a little tricky balancing a newborn and a two-year 
old but I think I am finally getting the hang of it! I ventured out 
to go grocery shopping earlier this week and was completely 
exhausted by the time we got home, but still!

Crew has been a very proud older brother and asks to hold 
Cambridge several times a day. He also loves to give her her 
binky and sing songs to her. Today his song went something 
like this, 

(Think Will Ferrell in Elf when he's singing in the store)

don't you cry
baby girl
baby Cambridge
don't you cry
Mommy's holding you

It's so sweet!
These were the gifts Crew and Cambridge "gave" to each other
the first time they met. Lance came up with the idea and bought
them a few days before I delivered. What a sweet daddy!

So sweet and little. I love how she pulls her legs up like that. 
It helps me see how she was able to fit in my tummy!

These two have been spending lots of time together while I
cuddle with and feed Cambridge. They are the best of buds!
They especially love playing on the ipad together.

She doesn't have much hair but it looks like it's 
going to be red just like her big brother!

She is honestly a little angel- so even-tempered
and patient. She gave me two huge smiles
yesterday while I was cooing and talking with
her and they about melted my heart.

It is incredible how, even after just a couple
weeks, we can't imagine life or our family
without her.


jenimur said...

I just love you guys! Wish I lived closer so I kiss those baby cheeks of Cambridge. Can't wait to visit again! We all love Crew too. He is all the kids talk about after we visit!!!!

Mr. Weston said...

Oh I love seeing sweet little babes all swaddled up and sleeping. Nothing so precious as those first few months. But I agree, it is always tricky trying to learn a new balancing act each time you add a member to your family. I'm sure you're doing a marvelous job! What cute kids :)

Mr. Weston said...

OH, and this is Lindsay :)