Tuesday, October 20


I have mixed feelings about blogging. I absolutely love to see what is going on in everyone's
lives! It's so nice to know what's going on {and see pictures!} with my extended family who live
all across the US- and even my good friends that live close by. Life gets crazy and its fabulous
to keep up in such a convenient way. I also love seeing a different side of things in writing you
wouldn't see otherwise- maybe a funny story or confession. It's also a nice outlet; a time to
express yourself.

On the same note, I feel as if blogging has become the newest facade; the perfect way to show
the perfect you. Sparkling home, the newest craft project, a way to brag about your perfect
children and husband, vacations, new items, etc. Not to mention the way too personal items
that are occasionally shared.
I know I post about all of these things too, but I'm hesitant every time for this
very reason. I tend to get really excited about new things and I know that
can sometimes come off as bragging- please know that is never my intent.

Does anyone else feel the same way?


Jason & Shannon said...

Definitely! It's always hard to decide what to put on the blog. I don't want things to come off the way I don't mean it to. I really just like having a place to write things down so I can go back and read them without forgetting!

jenimur said...

I agree too! We do that every Sunday too don't we? We put on our best selves and go to church. Rarely do we share or see the Monday morning piles of laundry, the day we don't take a shower and wear our sweats all day! I have totally thought about the same thing with blogs. Although I realize this I do get inspired and/or uplifted by others' blogs. We would do better to share the not-so-perfect parts of our lives sometimes too, showing that we all have trials and struggles and how we make it through!

Merrells said...

I tend to use my blog as my journal and record of our family and happenings. I love that I feel as close to a lot of my friends that I haven't been around in years because we all keep up through our blogs. I guess some people might use it as a showcase and I hope mine never sounds that way, but the way I see it, your blog is for you. It's a record of your life and feelings and if people care enough to read it, wonderful! Don't worry too much about what you blog. I think anyone who knows you understands your meanings in what you say.

Shannon said...

Chrissy... I wouldn't think that you were bragging at all. But I think if anyone had the right to it would be you. I think you are one of the most amazing, sweetest, most talented people I have ever met! (I seriously mean that!) I remember my first day at PartyLand, you weren't working but you came in with your little sisters and you were so nice and friendly. You just have this light about you that really shines! Ok so I hope you don't think thats weird that I said all that. But really I think you're great. So go on and post all the wonderful things going on in your life! (I won't think you're bragging)

McKenzie said...

Chrissy, I can definitely see that happening. Like a previous comment, my husband and I use our blog as more of a journal with the creative post thrown in there at times. I think it depends on intent. If people want to brag, they'll brag, but if people want to share for the fun of it and enjoyment of others then we get to enjoy.

Honestly, I love reading your blog posts!

Walkers said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! Especially Shannon; that was so sweet! Thank you. That means a lot to me.

I really like the idea of using it as a journal. And when I think about it, I really have done just that. I agree with Melissa and think I will be going private so I know who is reading our blog.

I really do LOVE blogging. And I love reading all of your blogs. :) Keep the fun posts coming!