Friday, August 17

Magnetic Quiet Book

I have had so many of you comment on the quiet book saying how excited you
are to print it off for your kiddos! I'm happy to know it will get some good use.

You can print the free boyish quiet book by clicking the link below. To download 
the free girlie quiet book, click here to "like" my facebook and unlock the freebies.

For now, here is the Free Printable Quiet book and instructions on how I put mine 
together. Enjoy!

Boy Quiet Book:

Girl Quiet Book:

It has been an even bigger hit than I thought it would be with Crew! Besides being very 
quiet in church, I've noticed that it's been excellent for his visual recognition, matching, 
and hand-eye coordination. He can't get enough of it.

Here's how to put yours together:
  1. Download the boy PDF here
  2. Download the girl PDF here
  3. Print two copies of everything
  4. Cut out the duplicates
  5. Get everything laminated
  6. Attach magnets
  7. Use on fridge or magnetic board, & enjoy! 
(You can find a source list at the end of this post)

 My cute little Crew guy showing you how it's done :)
 I tried making some of them harder or easier than others. This one is slightly more 
advanced because he has to pay close attention to the details on the owls.
Can you tell how much he loves them?

Printing- I printed mine here on 65# Cover Laser white card stock.
Lamination- I paid $6 at Alphabet Station in Orem.
Magnets- I bought a roll of magnetic strips from JoAnns for about $5
                     or you can purchase 200 self adhesive magnets here.
Magnetic Board- $10 from here.

Crew loves this so much that I'll be making more pages before long and I'll of course share them on here when I do! I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

Want more freebies?! Click below.


Unknown said...

So cute Chrissy! I have to make one for Monroe.

Kaylyn said...

I love the pages, so cute and fun for little ones.

cathy said...

Are the 2 big dinosaurs at the end something different?

Carly said...

These are adorable! Thanks for sharing!!

Mrs. J said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I have mine all printed and laminated. I have question how do you store all the pieces?

The Walkers said...

The two dinosaurs at the end are meant to be cut in strips, along the dotted lines. Then your children have to figure out how to put them down in order. It's a little more advanced the rest which is nice as your kids get older!

The Walkers said...

Mrs. J, I have my little pieces just in little plastic baggies, then a big baggie for everything to go in. However, my mom suggested I buy one of those accordion style file folders and store each original, along with the small pieces in a baggie together in the same slot. I thought that was a great idea!

g*rated said...

thanks so much for sharing this amazing printable for free! i've printed and started cutting and can't wait to get it put together for my twins. quick question - with the cardstock being laminated, are the magnets strong enough to go through that and hold to the magnetic board? i'm wondering if i need to buy stronger magnets...

The Walkers said...

I was worried the magnets wouldn't be strong enough too, but they have worked great. I showed a picture of one of the backs of the owls so everyone could get a good idea of how much of the magnetic strip I used on each one. You can always purchase stronger magnets on ebay or another online store.

Bertha said...

Hi Chrissy,
I came across these via Pinterest and they're absolutely gorgeous!
I'm having trouble downloading the "boy" book for some reason... googledocs won't let me do it (nor will it let me print! :( so sad...), which I'm VERY upset about - the owl pages would be absolutely perfect for my little girl, she LOVES owls!
Would it be too much to ask you to email it to me?
I would be so grateful if you did!

Brooke said...

I can't get the girl version. I liked your page and everything, but it won't allow me to get it. ??

Shambray said...

I know this was posted so long ago, but I just came across this post and I would LOVE to make one. Have you taken the download off Facebook?

Shambray said...

I tried to get this download and it isn't working. Is it no longer available? It is so cute!